Агромах изпълнител по проект АМ Струма лот 4
Агромах полагане на нова настилка на АМ Струма лот 4
Агромах полагане на нова настилка на АМ Струма лот 4
Агромах строителни работи на АМ Тракия
Агромах полагане на нова настилка на АМ Струма лот 4
Агромах Струма лот 4.6
Агромах транспортни дейности АМ Струма

BGN 67 000 000

Total Cost of the Project

Struma Highway, in the section between the Daskalovo interchange and Kulata border check pint, is part of the Trans-European transport network of Pan-European Transport Corridor  ІV.

The Project is financed by the Cohesion Fund of the EU and the State Budget of the Republic of Bulgaria via Operational Program Transport 2007-2013. Its price is over BGN 67 million. The Project’s beneficiary is the Bulgarian Road Infrastructure Agency.

The Sandanski – Kulata Section is part of First Class Road Е-79 Vidin – Sofia – Kulata border check point.

This section of highway includes interconnections to Novo Delchevo, Damyanitsa, Petrich and Melnik.

The 4,200-meter section of the Sofia – Kulata railroad between the stations of General Todorov and Marino Pole with design travel speed of 160 kilometers per hour was constructed from scratch.

Also constructed as part of the project were the two stage connections where highway merges with the existing International Road Е 79.

LOT 4 includes 16 large facilities, the more challenging of which in terms of construction and technology are:

  • The additional connections of the villages of Novo Nedelchevo and Damyanitsa to the Struma Highway;
  • The Petrich – Melnik interchange;
  • The Marikostinovo ramps;

Another challenging facility was the intersection with the General Todorov – Kulata section of railroad.

The project included the construction of railroad overpasses and four bridges over the Levunovska, Potoka, Sklavska, and Marikostenska rivers.

The engineering networks, the water supply systems and the irrigation facilities in the immediate vicinity of the highway were also reconstructed.

The project required significant amounts of construction work such as:

  • Excavating over 3 million cubic meters of earth and laying down 1.5 million cubic meters of fill;
  • Laying down over 270,000 tons of asphalt mixes and 24,000 square meters of marking;
  • Installing 83,000 meters of barriers and fences as well as 24,000 meters of curbs;

The total length of this section is 14.7 kilometers. The designed travel speed is 120 kilometers per hour. The total width of the highway is 29 meters with 3.75 meters per lane.

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