Агромах Полагане на асфалт лот 18
Полагане на асфалт лот 18
Полагане на асфалт лот 18 от Агромах
Агромах завърши лот 18
Полагане на асфалт лот 18
Агромах изграждане на лот 18

The road is III Class. Its design speed is 40 and 50 kilometers per hour. The overall width of the asphalt surface is 6 meters and the soft shoulders are 2 х 1 meter.  To repair the surface, we had to perform certain preliminary and localized repairs. Low-density asphalt and Type A wear-resistant asphalt layers were laid down in order to flatten and level the road.

All secondary facilities such as gutters and retaining walls were repaired. New pipe gutters were also installed. The drainage ditches along the road were cleaned.
5 road bridges were rehabilitated. The process included replacement of the waterproofing, repair of the sidewalks, railings and so on.

New single-length steel safety barriers were installed where necessary and the existing concrete curbs were replaced with new ones.

The medium-voltage power line was also rehabilitated.

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