Агромах строителство на лот 71
Агромах завършва рехабилитацията на път III-107 Рила - Рилски манастир

The rehabilitation of Road III-107 encompasses a section of road with overall length of 19.786 kilometers.

National Road III-107 is the only transport connection of the communities of the Rila Municipality to the municipal center and to the town of Rila and the Rila Monastery, which is a UNESCO-listed world heritage site, to National Road  I-1 and Е-79 (Corridor 4 of the TEN-T network ).

The section subject to this project starts at the end of the previously rehabilitated (2001) stretch of road  at kilometer 11 (inside the town of Rila) and ends at the eastern gate of the Rila Monastery coinciding with the stretch of road between Rila Monastery and Kirilova Poliana which was designed in 2011

This section of road was originally constructed in 1970 and the last time it was repaired was in 1985.

The profile of the existing road is mountainous with longitudinal slopes of up to 8%.

The works performed as part of this project ensured the width of the road is 2 х 3 meters (3.75 in places) and provide 2 х 1 meter shoulders (1.5 m in places).

New reinforcement pocket walls were installed to stabilize the slopes and ensure the safety of the section. Hazardous slopes along the road were further secured with steel mesh. The large facilities were equipped with new waterproofing and new sidewalk blocks. New restriction systems, concrete curbs and lined ditches were also installed.

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