Голяма Плоча Агромах паважни елементи

Our sidewalk slates have excellent characteristics and durability. The large size of the slate improves installation speed. Our blasting equipment allows us to give the slate an exposed-aggregate look. Apart from sidewalks, these slates can be used for lining drainage gutters. The edges of the product are left unbeveled.

Technical Characteristics

Materials Cement, sand, aggregates, water, pigments, plasticizers
Dimensions 550 х 400 х 50
Weight 24,28 kg
Pieces per square meter 4.55 pcs
Pieces per pallet 48
Square meters per pallet ~10.6
Weight per pallet 1166 kg ± 2%
Structure Two layers (rough base layer, fine surface layer)
Manufacturing method Vibropressing
Surface Rough/Smooth

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