Бордюр 16 Агромах бетонови изделия

High quality and durability are the hallmarks of our vibropressed curbs. They give a finished look and reinforce paved areas. Their dimensions optimize installation times which makes them the perfect choice for both small areas and large infrastructure projects. The high weather resistance of the curbs ensures their durability and longevity. We provide the option of coloring the visible surface of our curbs.

CURB 16 (garden) is especially suitable for gardens and walkways.

Technical Characteristics

Materials Cement, sand, aggregates, water, pigments, plasticizers
Dimensions 500 x 160 x 80
Weight 13,33 kg
Pieces per pallet 90
Weight per pallet 1200 kg ± 2%
Structure Homogenous
Manufacturing method Vibropressing
Surface Rough/Smooth

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