Паве Бехатон 10 Агромах Паважни Елементи

BEHATON 10 is another product from our range of vibropressed pavers. The thickness of 10 cm makes this paver the perfect choice when surfacing areas subjected to heavy-load traffic such as hypermarket parking lots and warehouse compounds. The edges of this product are not beveled.

Technical Characteristics

Materials Cement, sand, aggregates, water, pigments, plasticizers
Dimensions 197 х 162 х 100
Weight 5,95 kg
Pieces per square meter 34 pcs
Pieces per pallet 198
Square meters per pallet ~5.8
Weight per pallet 1178 kg ± 2%
Structure Two layers (rough base layer, fine surface layer)
Manufacturing method Vibropressing
Surface Rough/Smooth

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