Groma Hold Supports Theater

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Groma Hold continued what has become its tradition – to support cultural events in Blagoevgrad.

The company sponsored The LITTLE BIRD that went COO, a play that made its debut at the Nikola Vaptsarov Drama Theater in Blagoevgrad on April 27.

“You can say a lot of things by being silent. A look, a smile… There is no point in words, what good are they? Words are for miserable people – they talk a lot and never stop. They talk so they can forget that they are miserable. Happy people do not talk. Happiness does not need words.”

These are words from Ivan Yurukov’s solo performance which he also directs. The texts are based on Alexander Urumov’s books of short stories entitled The First Name of Days and Pumpkin. The musical images in the play are the work of Mihail Shishkov.

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