Groma Hold’s Belo Pole facility launched a concrete product plant by the Austrian company АМЕ. The AMEthyst 1500 Premium Class is the largest facility in the family and is capable of producing all types of concrete products.

Groma Hold also owns a bridge girder production facility

The plant has an automated stationary production line for vibropressed concrete elements and blocks utilizing Austrian production technology. It can manufacture products of any shape and size and offers various color options.

Production Capacity for Major Product Types

Sidewalk slates

4,200 m² per 8-hour shift

Hollow blocks

25,000 pcs. per 8-hour shift


9,500 pcs. per 8-hour shift


2,800 m² per 8-hour shift


The production line includes material input systems, conveyors to the concrete product drying kiln, and packaging line equipped with palletizer robot in compliance with all European standards.

The cutting-edge production methods and the top-quality materials we use allow us to manufacture products of the highest quality.

Apart from the different color options, our facility has the capability of finishing the concrete products in a variety of different ways from polishing to distressing and sealing them to make them impermeable and frost- and wear-resistant.

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