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A leader in infrastructure construction and production of construction materials, Groma Hold is a Bulgarian private company established in 1995.

For a little over 20 years Groma Hold has completed over 300 individual sites including infrastructure projects, water supply and sewer systems, waste water treatment plants, high rises, sports facilities and arenas. Groma Hold has constructed over 70 kilometers of highways and more than 1,000 kilometers of new and rehabilitated roads part of Bulgaria’s National Road Network. The Company has also laid down 10 kilometers of railroad and over 1,000 kilometers of water supply and sewer networks.

Groma Hold is responsible for the seasonal maintenance of 1,000 kilometers of road infrastructure including 100 kilometers of highway.

Between 2011 and 2016 alone Groma Hold implemented 200 million Euros worth of projects. The Company works on the realization of projects funded through Operational Program Transport, Operational Program Transport and Transport Infrastructure, Operational Program Regions in Growth, Operational Program Development, the Agriculture Fund, municipal and state financing.


  • Hristo Savev
    Hristo Savev CEO
  • VIktor Velev
    VIktor Velev CEO




Private companies 25%

Private companies

State and Municipal companies & organizations 75%

State and Municipal companies and organizations


  • The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works
  • The Road Infrastructure Agency
  • Provincial administrations
  • Municipalities
  • State-controlled forestries

Machinery & Equipment

The Group owns and operates a full range of road construction machinery and equipment consisting of over 1,500 units spanning the entire spectrum of production, construction, and transport operations.

The Company’s fleet includes the following cutting-edge pieces of machinery:

  • Vogele 1800-3I SprayJet
  • Wirtgen WR2000 and WR2500 recyclers
  • Wirtgen W1000F, W100CFI and W150I mills
  • HAMM GRW 280, HD 90 rollers
  • Skid-steer loaders CAT 966MXE
  • Bulldozers D6 – 25 ton, T9L – 80 ton
  • Hybrid excavators CAT 336EXE.

All units of machinery and equipment are equipped with GPS control and surveillance systems.

Полагане на Асвалт Агромах
Агромах предлага изграждане премонт и рехабилитация на пътища
Агромах е специалист в изграждането и ремонта на пътища
Изграждане, ремонт и рехабилитация на пътища от Агромах
Агромах полага Асвалт
Валяк Хам 2б Агромах специлиазирана техника
Валяк hamm 1b Агромах специлиазирана техника
Багер Cat Ve 002b Агромах специлиазирана техника
Багер CAT VE 001b Агромах специлиазирана техника

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